Medical services


Digital X-ray

  • State of the art digital X-ray machine with movable positioning table.
  • Instantaneous diagnostic results.


  • A quick and easy two-dimensional diagnostic image can be produced from our ultrasound machine.
  • Allows in depth investigation of heart disease and abdominal problems.


  • Modern dental machines used for descaling and polishing our patients’ teeth thus prolonging dental health.
  • Burring equipment for the maintenance of rabbit and small rodent teeth.
  • Specialised hand tools used for extraction where needed.
  • Dental X-ray.

MLS laser

  • Help wound healing.
  • Post-operative pain control.
  • Complementary therapy for cases such as arthritis and pain management.

In-house laboratory

  • In-house blood testing equipment for rapid results.
  • State of the art microscope for diagnostic work.
  • Tests include biochemistry, haematology, urine and dermatology analysis.